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Dear business partners, colleagues, friends and acquaintances

In May I described "the comfort zone thing" in my article, which is why I leave Ticketcorner.

Now it is clear what my future will be. Together with specialists from Sonova, Nobel Biocare and Lonza, I dare step into independence as a CFO consultant and solution provider.

Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics are some of today's buzzwords. After the sales and e-commerce sectors are already in the midst of digital transformation, more and more optimization projects in the financial sector are being discussed.

All areas "waste" valuable resources on the creation of budgets and forecasts in a recurring cycle. Sales, cost and area managers are forced to deal with P&L in recurring cycles. Often the process degenerates into a showdown between finance and planning managers. In the end, a "compromise" arises, which results in a plan income-, investment-, cashflow-statement and balance that makes us believe we know the future.

The lawmakers recognized that such a procedure entailed great risks and therefore prescribed an "internal control system" for documenting the risks in the revision of the Code of Obligations (2008/2013 - Art. 728a). The result is, in most cases, yet another more time-consuming island solution.

In the newly founded Sereviso, Dietikon, specialists from practice have come together to advise and support planning, key performance indicators and reporting officers in their projects. We provide support and solutions for:

  • Analysis of the potential of digitization of financial processes and implementation monitoring

  • Preparation, selection and implementation of business intelligence systems

  • Development of uniform performance indicator systems and management cockpits

  • Consulting, optimization and implementation of planning solutions

  • Use Predictive Analytics for planning and budgeting (Predictive Finance)

  • Linking strategy (performance indicators), ICS (opportunities / risks) and planning

All employees of Sereviso have dealt with these topics in their functions as CFO and BI managers in recent years and have practical experience in their implementation.

With the right approach and choice of tools, digitization is a fantastic opportunity. We help you make the right decisions.

Would you like to know more? Contact me at

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