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Rapid Deployment Business Intelligence

In today’s fast paced working environment, long drawn out system implementations are a constant frustration, especially when the results of those implementations are needed quickly. Coupled with the fast-paced landscape of constantly evolving software, many companies are simply too scared to start projects.

I have seen many BI projects either start and fail, or start and falter. This is mainly due to gap that exists between Business and IT, which results often in misunderstandings on what is required (IT lack business and finance knowledge) and what is feasible in certain IT tools (Business lack the IT technical know-how). Many times, these misunderstandings are only realised towards the end of the development phase, once the results are visible. Of course, this is simply too late to realise that the requirements were misunderstood and would not be delivered.

The solution to this problem exists in agile projects and solutions, delivered in an iterative approach, together with having a project team that can bridge the gap between Business and IT. This ensures that the requirements are fully understood and are technically feasible within the selected product, before the development begins. Once the project is underway, the development must focus on an agile and iterative deployment to the project team, which delivers ongoing value going forward. The selected IT platform plays a massive role here, it’s vital to select an IT tool which can cope with this agility, in the past few years the landscape of BI solutions has changed massively. IT driven reporting platforms are a thing of the past, now we see the evolution of key players in the market such as Microsoft and Qlik, tools which are simpler to deploy than products such as SAP.

At Sereviso, through extensive experience, both through internal and external roles, we have created our own implementation methodology, which guarantees results after only 6 weeks. We call this “Rapid Deployment Business Intelligence”.

Through Rapid Deployment, we give our customers a prototype of a Business Intelligence tool, which enables them to see what is possible in a tool, and quickly delivers value, without undertaking a significant investment. I am a firm believer that in reporting projects, many users do not know exactly what they want, until they see an example. Through our approach and experience, we are able to provide the users with quick clear examples. I also believe that in reporting projects, the appetite comes with eating, once there is a good understanding and feeling with the prototype, the project quickly takes off from there.

The partners at Sereviso are industry specialists, mainly from a CFO background, which enables us to advise customers also on their reporting framework, such as KPI definition, value drivers and performance dashboards. Through our experience we have also built standardised modules, (such as our Accounts Receivable module, which sits on top of SAP) which helps further speed up the implementation process.

Contact us to find out how you too can benefit from Rapid Deployment Business Intelligence.

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